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When you are passionate about the items you place inside your aquarium. The goal of Aquacarium is to provide you with the finest all natural ingredients to make your aquatics dreams a reality.
We hope to provide you with both outstanding products and service. We strive to help you create and nurture a healthy aquatic habitat.

Family Business
Aquacarium provides personal service to fellow hobbyists. Family owned and operated, we are life long aquarium hobbyists with ten years experience in the aquarium industry.
Aqua + Car(e) + (vivar) ium
Water + Care + Life
[ak-wuh, ah-kwuh]
1. water

1. to watch over; be responsible for

[ee-uh m]
1. a place where live animals or plants are kept under conditions simulating their natural environment

The Four Elements Of An Aquarium
Natural Environments
Your aquatic inhabitants need shelter and a feeling of security in order to thive.
High quality fish and plant food to improve the health and well being of your fish and plants.
Nurture + Care
Clean water that is easy to maintain is a vital element in any aquarium.
Live Plants
Live aquarium plants are the final ingredient to a well balanced and healthy aquatic environment.

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"Aquacarium is a great company that really went the extra mile to helping me create my own amazing aquascape"
- John M.

We Give Back

Aquacarium donates part of our proceeds to aquatic conservation projects designed to save endangered species. We also donate to local aquarium clubs dedicated to the betterment of the aquarium hobby.