Advance LED Lights


Three way toggle switch (off / blue lunar / white daytime)

Advance LED Aquarium Lights 

State of the art LED technology runs cooler & last longer than conventional lighting systems. Custom solid-state LEDs create a shimmering light that simulates natural sunlight, and a perfect mixture of 10,000K daylight and 460NM lunar diodes provide excellent color rendition in freshwater and marine fish aquariums.

A three-position toggle switch (off / blue lunar / white daytime) allows independent control of moonlights or all-on lighting modes, and the UL-listed dc power pack supplies clean stable power for optimal performance. Controls are easily accessible and are located on top of the unit. The power cord is located at the top of the unit for easy routing and versatility.

The polished plastic housing makes a bold statement with its sleek & compact design. The gloss black finish is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is easy to clean & protects surface from contaminates.

Integrated mounting systems offers secure installation over an aquarium. Stylish mounting legs extend for added control and flexibility. 6ft Cord Length

Sizes / Watts

12"- 7W

20"- 12W

24"- 14.5W

30"- 17.5W

36"- 22.8W

48"- 31.5W


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