Banana Plant (Nymphoides aquatica)

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  • Medium light plant
  • Very interesting plant
  • Undemanding

Banana Plant (Nymphoides aquatica)

The Banana Plant can make a visually interesting foreground plant due to its thick green tubers that give it its “banana-like” look. As the plant grows, it may produce a long leaf stem that will shoot toward the surface of the tank. Also, the plant may even grow small white flowers just above the surface of the water.

Can be left on the surface of the substrate but never bury more then 1/3 of the tubers. 

Botanical name Banana Plant (Nymphoides aquatica)
Light demand medium
Difficulty easy
Usage Foreground, Mid-ground
Growth rate medium
pH value 5 - 8
Temperature 55 - 86°F
Hardness 0 - 21°dKH
Max. Size 14"


Available as a sprouted bulb

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