Oceanic Bio Cube Replacement Filter Cartridges

Your Fish Stuff

  •  8, 14, 29 and HQI



Our aquarium filter replacement cartridges come pre-assembled, filled and ready to be used and will out perform the OEM cartridges provided with the filters!

Support American made products. All materials sourced and manufactured right here in the USA.

These replacement cartridges are constructed with polyester on both sides and contain extra amounts of professional grade carbon. Our carbon has been air-vacuumed, which results in a lighter more absorbent filter cartridge. 


High Quality Cartridges

Fits Filter Models
  •  8, 14, 29 and HQI


  • Made in the USA using high quality materials.
  • Pre-assembled and filled with high grade carbon for quick and easy cartridge replacement.
  • Thick polyester padding for superior performance.
  • In stock and ready to ship right to your door.

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