Blue Bonded Filter Media


Good for trapping fine debris and material

Aquacarium Blue Bonded Filter Media 

This bonded filter pad has blue padding on one side and white padding on the other. Allows you to cut to whatever size is needed. The filter pad traps small dirt particles, prevents premature clogging and lasts longer to prolong filter life.

Single Pad is 2 foot x 3 foot x approximately 1 inch thick. 

Small Roll is 1 foot x 10 foot x approximately 1 inch thick. 

Large Roll is 1 foot x 90 foot x approximately 1 inch thick. 

Can be used in ponds, freshwater filters and saltwater filters, such as power filters, canister filters, wet/dry systems and sumps.

Very versatile filter media. Can be cut to fit almost any type of filter. Most effective for mechanical filtration.

White Side- captures those larger particles and should be placed in front of the water flow. 
Blue Side- captures those finer particular and should be placed behind the water flow.


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