Brine Shrimp Sieve / Feeder


High quality brine shrimp sieve and feeder

The .10mm sieve is used for collection
The .20mm sieve is used for feeding

Ziss Brine Shrimp Sieve

The Ziss BS Sieve SF-1 is the professional brine shrimp sieve and fish food feeding station. Great for collection of baby or adult brine shrimp, daphnia, pythoplankton and any other small live food.

The SF-1 comes in either 0.10mm or 0.20mm sized stainless steel mesh. The Feeder mesh screen can be removed. Live baby brine shrimp can be collected in the .10mm sized sieve. While, the .20mm sieve is used for feeding as the baby brine shrimp can fit through.

Integrated Suction Cup mount, Stack-able design and various mesh sizes give this sieve a multi purpose utility.

The unique elegance and clear design gives you an clear view of your fish feeding.



    - Stack-able Design

    - Can be attached by Suction Cups

    - Can be used on the Sink by 4-Legs Design

    - Can be used as Feeding Station in and on the tank

    - Various mesh size & blank mesh

    - Durable SUS304 and SUS316 mesh (made in korea)

    Size : 8.5 X 6 cm

    Mesh Size : 0.10mm (SUS316), 0.13mm (SUS304), Blank Mesh

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