Coral Moss aka Mini Pellia


  • Available on a stainless steel 3" x 3" mat

Riccardia chamedryfolia Coral Moss

Coral moss - thick and compact moss species with an intense, deep green color from Asia, 1-3 cm tall. Riccardia is specially suited for attaching to branches and stones. The moss grows slowly and is easily overgrown by algae or other mosses. Riccardia requires more light than other moss species. Moss has many uses in the aquarium. Can be placed directly on the substrate or tied to rocks and wood. Makes a great home and grazing area for freshwater shrimp. Also great in fry tanks.

Botanical name Riccardia chamedryfolia
Light demand medium
Difficulty easy
Usage Epiphyte (grown on hardscape), Foreground
Growth rate slow
pH value 5 - 8
Temperature 65 - 80°F
Hardness 0 - 21°dKH
Max. Size can spread into a small mound


  • Available on a stainless steel 3" x 3" mat

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