Crevice 3D Background

Universal Rocks


Flexible and Light Weight

Available in Several Sizes


Crevice 3D Aquarium Background

Crevice 3D Aquarium Backgrounds will simply amaze you and your guests. Makes any tank the focal point of your room.

The Crevice Background can be silicon-ed into place or not. If you don't want to glue the background it place you can do that to allow cleaning or easy removal. The weighted backgrounds will not float like typical 3D backgrounds and so allows it to be set flush against the back glass. Of course if you would like it can also be easily glued into place. The Crevice background is about 2" thick at it thickest point from back to front

Note: Please expect 7-10 days for delivery to mold, spray and dry.




Crevice 3D background

  • Available in several sizes
Crevice 3D Background


  • Light Weight
  • Flexible for easy install
  • Realistic
  • Clips can also be purchased for easy installation

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