Dragon Stone


Classic rock used in Nature Style Aquascapes

Price Per Pound

Dragon Stone

Aquacarium selects only the best natural decor for your aquarium, so you can feel good about creating an amazing aquascape of your own. We will select a nice variety of sizes for you. Priced per pound and you will receive random pieces.  

Dragon Stone has a beautiful scaly texture. A wonderful rock to work with. It can be broken in pieces if you desire to get the right size for your needs. Lighter in weight then heavier rock like Seiryu or Pagoda Stones, which helps fill more space in your aquarium. 

Ohko, also called Dragon Stone, is an argillaceous rock that does not influence the water hardness, and whose holey structure and warm earthen tones make it an eye-catcher for your aquascape that gives it a very natural impression.

- Priced Per Pound

- See Photos For An Idea Of How Many Stones Per Pound 

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