Lee Specimen Container


Good for holding fish and aquatic animals

Lee Specimen Container

Lee's specimen container is an invaluable clear plastic container with a 1" hanging handle with many practical uses. Hang it on the outside of your tank as a holding tank for fish you are removing, whether for routine cleaning or transferral. Hang it on the inside of your tank to use as a temporary refugium - the specimen container will benefit from any heating or chilling in your main tank, making it useful to observe possibly pregnant or sick fish for short periods (filtration and aeration from your main tank will not affect this container, so refrain from using it for prolonged periods). A great tool to use when slowly acclimating new fishes to your main aquarium, in lieu of a separate quarantine tank.


  • Small- 5" x 2.5" x 5" High
  • Large- 7" X 3" X 6" High

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