Java Fern on Driftwood

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  • Medium light plant
  • Easy care 
  • Comes attached to driftwood

Microsorum pteropus Java Fern on Driftwood

Originating from Asia the Microsorum pteropus is one of many different varieties of this species, each with their own leaf shape.

This plant is extremely undemanding and will grow best tied to rock or wood. Light isn't an issue as this plant will grow well in both low lighting and high lighting tanks.

Botanical name Microsorum pteropus Java Fern
Light demand low
Difficulty easy
Usage Epiphyte (grown on hardscape), Foreground, Midground
Growth rate slow
pH value 5-7
Temperature 68 - 86°F
Hardness 1 - 14°dKH
Max. Size 4-8"


Available grown on 4-5" malaysian driftwood

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