Nori Seaweed



Nori Seaweed - 7.5" x 4" Sheets

Aquacarium Nori Seaweed

Vitamin Rich Nori Seaweed is ideal for marine herbivores such as Tangs and Surgeonfish, Parrotfish, Angelfish and herbivorous freshwater fishes such as Tropheus, Mbuna and Goldfish.

Cut or tear off a long strip or chunk of the nori, roll it into a tube shape to help prevent rapid disintegration, then secure it into a veggie or feeding clip and place it into the tank, positioning it in a low current area. No need to refrigerate if kept in a cool dry place and will last several months. 

Size: 7.5" x 4" Sheets


High Quality Fish Food

  • Dried Nori Seaweed (Porphyra yezoensis)
Guaranteed Analysis
  • 37% Protein 6% Fat 6% Fiber 8% Moisture
Aquacarium Freeze Dried Fish Food


  • all natural fish food
  • very fresh

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