Pombo Feature Rock

Universal Rocks


Standalone Feature Sized Rock

Two Sizes: 46"x18" and 46"x22"

Pombo Feature rock

Recreate a rocky biotope in your own aquarium. This tall piece will allow you to simulate the large scale rocks of the African Rift Lakes. Made of a flexible material it is easy to install straight into your tank. Can be easily maneuvered around any center brace. Each rock is hand crafted for a very realistic look. Very light weight when compared to heavy normal rock. No chance of broken glass.

The hollow back allows you to hide equipment such as filter intakes and outlets, heaters and pumps. It is very easy to clean behind the Pombo Rock. Fish will also benefit by having a place to hide and take shelter behind rock. Add a couple of matching Deco Rocks to complete your display.

Note: Please expect 7-10 days for delivery to mold, spray and dry.




Pombo Feature Rock

  • 45.5" Wide x 7" Deep x 18" High
  • 45.5" Wide x 7" Deep x 22" High
  • Weigh: 7 lbs


  • Light Weight
  • Flexible for easy install
  • Realistic
  • Hollow back allows hiding of equipment

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