Pro Clean Aquarium Gravel Washer


Helps you easily clean and siphon your aquarium

Pro Clean Aquarium Gravel Washer

Gravel washer and siphon kit. The quick and easy way to remove debris from your aquarium gravel while performing regular water changes. Heavy-duty gravel tube will not crack or chip. Each unit comes complete with a 72" length of Pythons high quality flexible tubing.


Mini: 1" diameter x 6" long.
Small: 1" diameter x 12" long.
Small Tall: 1" diameter x 20" long.
Medium: 2" diameter x 10" long.
Large: 2" diameter x 16" long.
X-Large: 2" diameter x 24" long.

Python Pro-Clean with the optional Squeeze Kit adds the convenience of the siphon bulb starter which makes starting a siphon a "squeeze".

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