Staurogyne repens


  • Low growth habit
  • Can be used as a carpet plant
  • Co2 helpful

Staurogyne repens

Staurogyne repens is a light green compact strong plant for the aquarium foreground originating from Rio Cristalino in Brazil. It can be used as a ground-covering plant and will form low bushes. Forms well through trimming. Looks very nice between rocks and stones. Propagate by cutting the top growth and re-plant them into the substrate. The lateral shoots that form in this case will grow more or less horizontally along the substrate.

Botanical name Staurogyne repens
Light demand moderate
Difficulty medium to difficult
Usage Mid-ground, Background
Growth rate medium
pH value 5-7
Temperature 68 - 86°F
Hardness 1 - 14°dKH
Max. Size 1-3"


Available as a potted plant

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